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                    Welcome to Fischer Minerals                     

The Site is having its 2012 Spring Clean 

2012 Show Calendar added 26/2/2012

   Please have a look round

The Shop

 If you wish to progress directly to the Shop please click on  VISIT our STORE NOW?  or one of the "To Shop links" on any of the web pages. 

The shop/store is located on a different server to ensure total security  

The shop provides access to a wide rage of products  these will initially be focused on  Minerals specimens, and General Display specimens, but  will be expanded to other rock related items, cut and polished Crystals and Stones, Pottery and Jewellery.  

We accept all major credit and debit cards together with online cheques via PayPal. Payment can also be made by cheque, and direct BAC's payments can be arranged.

The Website

   This websites aim is to promote mineralogy and mineral collecting for those individuals who have tasted the delight of the hobby and are looking for some advice on how to develop their interest. 

This Website will be developed over time so that it provides reference information on a variety of earth science topics but with the main focus on Mineralogy and the mineral collector. Mineral collecting is a hobby that can and will develop into a lifetime of enjoyment through the ongoing understanding of many aspects of the earth sciences.

It is intended that the content will be developed with  links to other sites.   Information is available on the internet but searching can be time consuming , this website will provide support for the new collector and or those individuals who are developing a interest in the mineral  branch of earth sciences. 

We also provided  the visitor with links to clubs websites, a show diary and of course a preview of the content of our shop.  

Fischer Minerals have been trading for 7 years and was developed out of my love for minerals.

 I have collected for over 40 years and am very aware of the changing nature of mineral collecting the difficulties for the new and aspiring mineral collectors have as they try to develop a collection, how to identify sites that can be visited without difficulty and enable individuals to expand their knowledge.

Access to collecting sites is always a challenge we aim to provide a few signposts in how to start. and experience the excitement of the search, to show pictures of the type of specimens that can be collected  in the British Isles as well as the  specimens that can be obtained by purchase or swapping with others of a like mind.

I would suggest that you start by looking at the "New to Minerals Page"  or  "What's in the Shop" and the "Show Calendar"

These sections of the site will take time to develop so please keep  calling back. If you have information  you would like to add please contact admin@fischer4minerals.co.uk 


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