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"New to Collecting" Page 3

 Collecting Equipment

So what equipment do you need, well that depends upon how enthusiastic you are,

remember that safety is paramount, some of the items listed below are not needed in many locations but in certain locations for example quarries they are mandatory, if in doubt wear it anyway.

   the BASICS        You eyes and hands and a means of transport


 BASICS  PLUS A bag for carrying your equipment and specimens, a small rucksack is ideal

                             Some wrapping paper for wrapping the specimens for transportation

                             A small hammer. and goggles (eye protection)

                             Gloves to protect you hands

                             A hand lens 10X magnification

                             Suitable wear for the location and weather.

                             A first aid kit, just in case you cut yourself ,  if you break a quartz pebble the edges can be quite sharp.


ADVANCED      Tissue paper, small boxes,

                             A  2kg lump hammer

                             A range of  cold chisel for free crystals from rock masses

                             A Safety Helmet - when you are working in an area where debris can fall onto you - next to a cliff

                             Steel toe capped footwear - required in quarries and when working with large & heavy  rocks.

                             High visibility Clothing - Required in Quarries, also handy if you are investigating a rock outcrop next to a road

                             Sledge hammer , Shovel,  Pick


DIE HARD        Ultra Violet lights sometimes called a Black light

these cause minerals to glow a different colour in the dark

                            Geiger- counters

                             Climbing equipment  & wet suits


FANATIC             JCB    & heavy power tools  


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